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When a family is found brutally murdered deep in the tribal lands of the Quapaw, evidence leads fledgling Deputy U.S. Marshal Jubal Smoak to suspect the outlaw Crow Redhand. But the savagery of the murders doesn’t add up for that of a common cattle thief and bank robber. The Quapaw say a legendary demon has awakened, come to terrorize the Downstream People. Smoak, in his pursuit of Redhand, encounters a beautiful young widow and a cattle baron who have a deadly connection to a mysterious drifter. A series of strange events lead Smoak down the trail to the killer and deeper into the Indian legend. 

"Phil Truman redefines the action Western/Mystery novel with his latest, Dire Wolf of the Quapaw. It’s an intricately woven, fast-paced story featuring, Jubal Smoak, a perfectly flawed, easy to under-estimate lawman as the hero." 

 —DB Jackson,Western Heritage Wrangler Award winner.

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Phil Truman's new novel, the premiere issue in the forthcoming "Jubal Smoak Mysteries" series, takes you on crime-solving ride through turn of the 20th century Oklahoma badlands.

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